Lets. Start. Again.

So, I’m going to admit to a little something here. I made this blog just over a year ago and then I’ve let it sit, unattended. I had a whole bunch of ideas that I can’t remember now, all written down in a notebook that I can only assume I have lost.

I can quite confidently say I’ve wasted some potential here BUT… Let me tell you, as I was trying to figure out how to log back into this thing I’ve realised how much life has changed in the last year.

In the last year I’ve been in, out and back in to the same relationship. Lifestyle, priorities and hormones have all shifted and it’s been a year of discovering new things and figuring a few bits out.

A year on, I’m decidedly happier and feel like I’ve sussed a lot of things out. I’ve also hit a point where I need to get a grip of my physical health and the amount of time I invest in myself. I know myself better but I’ve put on half a stone and I’m currently going through a re-emergence of the acne monster. Swings and roundabouts, lets sort the rest of it out.

So here we are, giving this blog another bash. With a happier mind set and some new goals. Let’s. Start. Again.